On a recent trip to Tahoe with some friends, I found these beautiful specimens of nature. I’m often inspired by the complexity of nature’s forms, textures, shapes and colors. There’s so much beauty in even the simplest of things.


A couple of months ago…maybe it was even a year ago, I had my friend Laila, who’s a graphic designer rework my branding so that there would be more consistency between my blog and my business, since they inform and inspire the other. She suggested that we incorporate the circles that appeared on the banner of the blog into the print materials that would become my stationery.

Instead of printing another batch of expensive letterhead and envelopes, we opted for the use of stickers and mini cards (About half the size of conventional business cards). This way we could swap out the imagery every so often to keep things fresh and the cost down. We’ve been working together on a batch of 12 new sticker designs that should be ready in the next week or so!

Delightful Lights

While hunting and gathering at the Donghia showroom, I stumbled across these. This lamp just makes me smile. It’s so much fun.

I’m not loving the shade but the bases are spot on.

Gustave Carlson, the East Bay architect that designed this house in Inverness, Ca refers to it as a Modern Barn. It’s pretty good look’in as far as barns go.

Stylistically there’s impeccable continuity of design elements throughout the house. The exposed wood at the ceiling and beams with the awning windows allow a lot of the outdoors to become one with the indoors. I’m loving the amount of light that filters through the house. The juxtaposition of these two photos really speaks to the continuity of lines and materials used, creating a great sense of harmony as you move from one room to the next.


When I look at this photo, I just want to sit with a cup of tea and the morning paper to take in the space and enjoy the beauty of Gustave’s vision.

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Metolius Ridge Tiles

I am a big fan of Justyn Livingston’s handcrafted tiles. She is an artisan with a great sense of craft and creates a collection of tiles that are pieces of art. I’ve been fortunate to work with her on a client project and was delighted at how everything turned out.

Straight off of the Metolius Ridge website, “We mix each glaze and paint each design by hand, cut custom sizes, and grind edges according to the highest standards in craftsmanship.” Try finding that sort of craftsmanship and attention to detail these days. Not to mention the service. I can’t say enough about Justyn’s business.

Whether it’s Oregon culture or Justyn’s own commitment to sustainability, it’s an added bonus that she runs her kilns with green power via driving a biodiesel company car, while minimizing waste through her operations. Hop on over to her site to check out more of her custom work to see the range of possibilities.

All images courtesy of Metolius Ridge

Tiles can be purchased through Ceramic Tile Design in San Rafael, Ca.

JC Penney

1 | Ceramic Double Gourd 25″ Table Lamp | $40
2 |  Heath Spheres Table Lamp | $32

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of press about JC Penney and was curious what was going on? All of a sudden, they seem to be everywhere. There was even a full page ad in the New York Times earlier this week that looked like a retro food advertisement with the word “No,” all over the page and on the bottom, the type read, “Enough is enough.” It was their way of building anticipation around the new February 1st launch of a very pricey makeover the brand is undergoing. I’m not a Penney’s shopper but wanted to see what was going on in terms of product. I was pleasantly surprised to see some items of interest. Take these lamps for example—contemporay shapes, great colors and styles.

Loire Bedding

This bedding looked a lot like Martha Stewart’s line of product and sure enough, the two brands will be doing business together as part of the relaunch.

For a beach house, this seashell quilt would add a warm and inviting touch. I’m just so impressed at the styled photo of the room. Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected this from JC Penneys.

Sundance Kitchen Cart | $300

This might be my favorite piece that I saw on the site. It’s a kitchen cart with a stainless steel top, 3 drawers on the right and adjustable storage to the left, in a fetching shade of red. I have to say that I’m excited to see what they will be unveiling on February 1st. I suppose we’ll all have to stay tuned…

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To New Beginnings

As we all head into a new year, here’s a short check-list of things to aim for. You might miss a couple of times but don’t stop trying…these are the things worth working towards. I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone that’s vistited my corner of the internet throughout the year and I wish you all a wonderful year to come!

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Fired Up Inspiration

Cultivate Curiosity Plate $22 | Bottom Left Lennon Quote $25 | Bottom Right Cultivate Optimism $25

Inspiration comes in many forms. Mary Burrows’s art is tied to capturing just that in the form of fire on clay tablets and plates. Her Etsy site is full of wonderful quotes from great philosophers, musicians, authors and mathematicians—reminding us of what’s important.

Voltaire Quote Ceramic Plate | $22

Her use of black type on white ceramics is elegantly simple and makes for a lovely gift during the season of giving.

All photos courtesy of mb art studios

A Little Music

 A little music to kick off the week by Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. The song is titled, I Have Never Loved Someone.

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Pantone Palette

I left the country to mix up a little work with some travel to reset myself and landed in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. I’m not quite sure whether I’ll get to see the Pantone Hotel but while I was researching, I had no idea that the color matching system had a hotel by the same name. Wow, look at all that color…it just exudes HAPPY!

The exterior of the building has a Mondrian quality to it with the color-blocking, while the interiors are splashed with bright hues, balanced by a canvas of white walls, draperies and furniture.

Can you imagine an entire hallway of orange? It’s like walking inside a box of orange tic-tacs. It really heightens the senses.


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