Well Done

I overheard my mother at her weekly game of mah jong responding to a friend’s question, ” What does your daughter do for living?”  My mother replied, “She’s a professional shopper!” Earlier in my career, I was a clothing buyer, so I suppose that role has somewhat stuck in her mind. To this day, she still worries about when I’m going to get a serious job that offers health benefits.

Tops, bottoms, dresses I suppose it’s all the same. My mother is quite ambiguous as to what an interior designer’s job encompasses. She’s correct in that I shop for my clients. However, it’s not at my whim and without a framework and ample research that are inherently part of the process.

It tends to run the gamut from choosing fabrics and trim, to door hardware, knobs and pulls, tiles or even one of my favorite areas that includes lighting. And this is just a short list of some of the things that I do for my clients.

Recently I worked on a job for a client where I specified the materials and finishes for a high end spec house in Marin County. It recently sold—fetching the asking price, which was deeply satisfying.

Indeed, selecting tile, hardware and lighting for this project was a shopper’s delight. Every wee bit of detail came into play. Especially as it related to maintaining a nod to mid-century design. Shopping for lighting is hands down one of my favorite things to do on a project. So many components to consider. There is a vision to carry out, paint colors and metal finishes to be mindful of and a budget to comply with. Space, volume and architectural elements in a room or space also play an important role in the selection process.

If mother’s reading…yes I will shop til I drop of old age…..


Credits  |  Photos courtesy of openhomesphotography
Visionary developer Lisa Park, Two Seeds LLC
Contractor, Lee Flint Construction
Architect, Fran Halperin
Lighting by City Lights
Custom concrete fireplace by Bohemian Stoneworks
Tile by Innovative Tile
Custom banquette by Raphael Helguera

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