Dare to be Daring

Let’s play a game. Imagine plucking a palette from the gum balls that you find in a bubble gum machine. Let the color combinations inspire you. My clients and I had our own burst of candy-color fun.

Why not bring some playfulness into your life and introduce the “green” element while you’re at it.

Napa Residence |  Guys & Gals Bathrooms

A design collaboration with Halperin & Christ Architects, San Rafael CA
Material Selection | Sharon Low | Creative Rooster
Recycled glass custom accents created by Fran Halperin and resident candy lovers
Painstakingly meticulous tiling by Hyland Tile, Petaluma CA
Field Tile | Dal-Tile, San Rafael, CA
Countertops |  Silestone quartz surface (low VOC product)
Recycled bottle cap knobs purchased from Bauerware in SF
Surplus rugs by Alicia Keshishian, ser-plus.com

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