Rat Residence Part II

As part of our ongoing series of the Rat’s lair, (client’s code name) I’m going to take you upstairs to show you some of the details that we pulled together. The guest bedrooms can only be described as eclectic. In this one, we combined Moroccan, Asian, and certain je ne sais quoi elements to come up with a room that has a style of its own. The Rat loved this silkscreened poster by Looky-Loo Design that reads, “Love is Like a Friendship Caught on Fire,” based on a Bruce Lee quote. The print played off of other red accents found in the bed linens.

While skimming through the Anthropologie catalog, I was thrilled to have found these embroidered Moroccan drapes. I worked with Pat Lepe Design to reconfigure one of the panels into Roman shades that were better suited for the space.

We also had pillows made (Pat Lepe Design) from the excess drapery to incorporate more of the beautifully embroidered pattern. Once again, I pulled in a little red in the piping of the pillow, using a rich velvety fabric.

The detail of the bed exudes a Tunisian flavor of sorts but being that was a family heirloom, we weren’t certain of its origins.

The adjoining guest bathroom continued the theme of eclectic accents with asymmetrically scattered tiles in assorted variations to add color to an otherwise neutral palette of travertine tile.

Tile details that accented the guest bathroom. | Tiles from Italics

Now we’re going to move across the hall to the other guest bathroom. With plenty of light, the use of teal tiles and the very large mermaid mosaic, you can’t help but feel like you’re under water.

The mosaic was designed by the very talented architect of the house, Fran Halperin and over a period of months, the architect, myself, friends and family members of the homeowner stopped by to help assemble the finished piece. If ever there was a labor of love, this mermaid is a perfect example of that process. Ironically enough, she bares a striking resemblance to a young lady that used to work for the architect. Funny how these things happen.

This piece appears in the mermaid bathroom and was sourced by the Rat herself while on vacation. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when clients learn to discern between what works for the spaces that they live in and begin to fill their homes with artifacts that are appropriately meaningful.

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