Wanna Treat?

The first time I meet with a new client, the dog of the house is the first on the scene, unless they’re in a deep snooze.

This past Xmas, I was picking out presents at an Anthropologie store when I stumbled across a super-sized container of dog treats that not only couldn’t I resist, but I thought some of my favorite canine clients would enjoy. To my delight, when I looked inside the canister, I was so impressed with how beautifully crafted the treats were. I was curious to find out who had taken such great care in creating such treats and came to discover that it was the folks over at PolkaDog Bakery in Boston. If you get a chance, read about how they came to name their company—a lovely story.

To spread the joy in a judicious manner, I repackaged smaller portions of the treats with a cellophane bag, some ribbon and a little note that I dropped off with each visit.

Here’s a sampling of the cast of characters that liven up the homes of my clients, as well as a few that I adore with all my heart.

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