Tiger Talk

Image pulled from one of my favorite magazines, The World of Interiors

Get ready to welcome in the YEAR of the TIGER beginning February 14, 2010. To celebrate, I’ve pulled some of my favorite items to provoke some feline fever. I have this vintage image posted to the think tank (bathroom) collage wall in my office. “Frisky Business,” We could all benefit from some friskiness and how about a shout out for more business. Get roaring tigers…

1| Kravet 2| Tiger by Stark Carpet Corp. 3| Tiger’s Eye by Kravet

I dream of having a room filled with tiger print pillows. Here are some soft and furry fabrics that I pulled from the San Francisco showrooms. One day soon you’ll find me lounging on a chaise in tiger print wonder.

Don’t you love it?! A few years back I upholstered my dining room chairs and accent pillows in a C & T tiger print. Unfortunately the fabric is no longer available. Let’s shout and pout until they bring it back. I went to my local post office to grab some lunar New Year stamps and look what I found. Featured on the stamp are beautiful narcissus flowers. The gold border and red background will have all of you stamping your love letters just in time for Valentine’s day. Narcissus flowers are considered auspicious and thus are appropriate and most welcome at this time of renewed hope for the future.

On my desk a silver Chinese “tigress” charm piece shimmers brightly. As the perfect traveling companion it comes with its own collapsible stand to bring some joy into a lonesome room. This was one of my lucky finds amongst other treasures I’ve hunted down and acquired at the monthly flea market in Alameda, CA.

For fun I wanted to feature a wrapped package paying homage to the tiger. I used plain brown wrap and embellished the box with an embroidered Chinese tiger collar made for babies. The beautifully embroidered whimsical collars and caps were made to protect little ones from evil spirits. The box was framed a la Chinois with fluted black ribbon.

Late 17th century Japanese Screen | Imari Gallery

Late 17th century Japanese Screen | Imari Gallery

Tiger traits = courageous, sharp, mysterious, stubborn, competitive, rebellious, generous, affectionate, sensitive and capable of great love.

Let’s give a big roar to all the tigers out there! ROAR RO-O-O-A-R-R. May your year be a feisty and colorful one.

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